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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Christmas hamper

Hello:) if there is anyone out there reading this! this is my very first blog post so I would love any feedback, to help keep me motivated to write this blog.

This year for Christmas I have decided to make a food hamper for some of my family and friends.  Over the next couple of months I will be testing some recipes to see what makes the shortlist. I will share with you  how I get on  and any pros and/or cons for the recipes.
I am starting with jam as the apple and blackberries are in there prime now and I will look into getting some Wexford strawberries from a local farmer.

Tomorrow night I will start with apple jam recipie I got from there a link:
I have choosen this one to start with mainly because I've a cooking apple tree outside and I already have some jam sugar left over from when i made  small batch of strawberry jam a couple of months ago. I am only going to do a sampler of maybe one or two jars, I will work out measurements and let you know after making.

So until next time..:)

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