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Thursday, 24 May 2012

whats up!

Yet again I know its been ages:( I have to get better at keeping this blog up to date!

So what been happening?!
Well we have both finished up fruit picking. Tommy is now working for Ertech in a mine up on the Pilberra.

So I'm stuck at home for 2 weeks alone and trying not to crack up:)
I'm taking a course in traffic control the end of next week and hopefully will have a job by 4pm next Friday!

In other news I'm heading into the Perth Craft and Quilt Fair tomorrow, for something to do. I still haven't bought that sewing machine yet. But I have a decent idea of what I want, with Tommy working away he took the laptop so I put  iPad on lay bay in big w, the advantage of this is, they have the cheapest price, and it has stopped me spending money on little things so I can have most of it paid off by the time it comes in, but more on that later! Crystal was kind enough to give me a loan of her computer until I get sorted.

 So I'll post some pic on  the facebook page as I'm taking them tomorrow and will hopefully sent out a review at the weekend:)


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