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Friday, 16 September 2011

Quilting Blogs

Just a quick post, I'm starting a quilt class next Tuesday night at Kilbora Quilt Shoppee and i cant wait:)

I got some fat quarters from there last week so going to try some English paper piecing over the weekend.
I found some great hexagon templates on here a link

and here is some of the great quilting blogs I follow, I'm sure this list list will be at least twice as long this time next year. lol! great tutorial on hexagon paper piecing 1st Irish quilting blog I came across, Sarah has some great ideas and inspiration some amazing quilts I didn't even dream you could make Heidi makes the most amazing baby puff quilts, her designs are what made me want to quilt:) does amazing embroidery work of course I have to put in Ann Marie's shop, check out her classes, workshops and retreats:) 1st ever quilting podcast I listened to  I love her fresh ideas has a deadly back to school series that I am following hoping to pick up a lot of info  just found this one has great hexagon templates

For the ones I haven't but anything beside to be honest I just haven't had the chance to check you guys out, but I will over the next couple of days:)

Hopefully I'll get to post some pics of my progress over the weekend, if not I'll def have a post about my quilting class next week, later!
p.s I forgot to mention this quilting website is only starting up but their aim is to become the ravelry of the quilting world.


  1. Hi Mel, many thanks for entering my giveaway. You are listed as a 'no reply comment blogger' so you would need to change your blog settings so that folks can reply to your comments. Best of luck with the giveaway. Judith xo

  2. Thanks Judith I'm only figuring out all this! i couldn't figure out how to allow people to leave comments last week!!
    you have a great blog by the way look forward to reading your future posts:)

  3. p.s congrats on being my very 1st commenter!

  4. Hi Mel....
    Your blog looks great. I like the photos of the jam making - I could almost smell how yummy it was! I made hampers for family Christmas presents last year, and made vanilla flavoured sugar (so so simple!) in lovely jars, and also flavoured oils which seemed to be popular.

    I am new to blogging too, so hope you don't mind that I have decided to follow you. It's addictive though, so beware the time that seems to be spent blogging, and reading other people's blogs!

  5. Hi Second Chance Tan!
    Congrats on being my second comment-er, but more importantly my VERY 1ST Follower:)
    Thanks for the vanilla sugar idea! i might make some of those mug rugs that Judith posted about. I love the fact they come with there one little bowl!

    Ya it is quite addictive i can never seem to catch up on my google reader, there are so many blogs i follow. I added yours to the list! look forward to your future posts!