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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Sorry I haven't written in what? 5 months! Ok I knew it had been awhile but I didn't think it was that long!
This it just a quick post checking in, so much had changed in those 5 months; Ive finished up in 2 jobs, moved house, moved country all over the christmas period!

Im now living in Western Australia since the 27/12/11 and apart from not having a job yet I LOVE IT!!
But more on that later, I promise to update more often, about what I have know idea, it probably wont be about crafty stuff until I start working, unless I link to some of my fave bloggers.
Chat to you soon
Mel x


  1. Hey Melissa! Told all the girls that you wrote. Everyone says hi and they all wanted to know how you were getting on. Keep posting about your new life down under, we will be keeping tabs on you!!!! Anne marie

  2. aw! how are ye getting on with the project plate?! ya will do! and you keep going on the blog so i can see whats happening!
    Mel x