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Friday, 3 February 2012


Any one heard of geocaching?

Geocaching is a global treasure hunt, based on co ordinates, using your GPS or app on your smart phone. (very handy!) You can look up near by caches on the geocaching website, based on where your based on were you going, even along the route you are traveling.

If you have a satnav compatible with their site, you can plug it in to your computer and sent the caches straight to the satnav. We have a garmin navi 2350(I think! Im not going out to the car to check!), Garmin seem to be they most popular on the site, I think its because they have minutes on the coordinates, so you arrive more or less where the cache was placed. You can also use the geocaching app I have it for the iphone and I think it only cost €3/4 back in Ireland. Its very handy cause you can read the description, view recent logs etc, but the one downside is when your nearly at the cache the accuracy isn't usually dead on, but that could be because I've a 3gs that's been dropped one too many times! So we use the app and satnav side by side.

My sister and her husband introduced us to it about 3 years ago. We done it twice then but it on the back of our minds, til one day last week when we got sick of staring at the computer, waiting for any job reply's.  
So we decided to head to Bunbury and along the way so any we spotted.
And we found 4 ottta 5, which I don't think is bad, because we were v rusty and still newbies.
Here is some pics from our day out hunting!
Tommy signing our username on a micro-cache in Harvey

Nice quick micro cache along the way

little treasures you would find in a medium size cache
Tommy getting ready to re-hide the cache.

the end of the road the aussies Giants Caseway rocks are shapes like the giants causeway in Northern Ireland.

So all in all geocaching is a great way to make a boring road trip interesting, its fun and free, keeps the kids entertained,  and what I love most about it is that it brings you to some amazing spots, that the guide books done even know about:)


  1. Ooooo we love love love geocaching. I started geocaching before having the children and used to find loads.... although I have introduced the idea to my three year old it's still a bit difficult for her to walk far, but we have found some good ones together. I have hidden two caches myself, and love hearing that people have found them. I think my favourite thing about geocaching is that it takes you to some beautiful places that you would otherwise not have gone to. Glad you are enjoying it..... :)

    1. Hey second chance! Hows things? Sorry haven't had a chance to check out any blogs lately in de middle of it now! Ya it's brilliant isn't it?! What's your username on de site n I'll add you as a friend?! You should blog about it 2if you haven't already.. It got your blog written all over it:)

  2. I think it's erica123...... it's been a while since I went on there! What's your username and I will look for you too x