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Friday, 17 February 2012

So I know I haven't posted in two weeks! We started fruit picking and packing on Monday. And its as you would think handy work but its hard going. I'm packing the fruit as it comes in,I'm standing for 95% of the working day and my feet are killing me by the end of the day! But its only for 12weeks so we can get our second year visa, and its in Dwellingup, so its a handy 20mins away from the house. And now for the best bit..... we have every weekend OFF! 

OK I know that not a big deal for everyone, but I've never had a job with every weekend off, my last job where I was a yard manager for Redmonstown stud it was weekend off, sat on sun off and weekend on roster and I done that for nearly 5years. but I loved it being out doors with the horses and that was also hard physical work, but why am I more drained doing this than that?! 

Anyway getting off my little rant they give me the day off today because we weren't packing, but Tommy's raging he had to work when I'm getting a 3day weekend! I had high hopes for today I got up at 8.20, and planed cleaning the house , have a little pampering session, and hopefully writing a load of blog posts, then I turned on the laptop when I was making my breakfast and every thing went down hill from there!! 

But every cloud has a sliver lining! that being even thought i spent 3 hours on the computer before i got up and did anything(i know I'm terrible, but you know what its like when you find amazing new blogs!), so on the plus side i got to Skye one of my besties Phil over in Canada and ya we talked for nearly 3/4 of an hour although it didn't feel like it! 
the lovely phil

Then when I was on , I seriously love that woman, you have to check her out. I just happened to read a comment under one of her posts that Rachel of Redcliffe Style wrote, when she said she was in Queensland I had to check her blog out, and I've found a new love! 

Her latest post Confessions of a bargain shopper is exactly the kinda thing I was looking for but didn't even know it kinda way! If that makes any sense! she like me hate spending crazy  money on clothes. She went shopping during the January sales and scored a deadly new wardrobe for only $213.85 the pre sale price was $873!! see I told you she is amazing! check her out:

So back to the point of toady's post using loyalty cards. In Ozzie land every single shop seems to have it  loyalty card or club so since its all new to me and I have to sign up to so many, I thought I would wright about the benefits of these each of these cards,maybe one post a week talking about 3or for 4 of these cards the benefits and how/ where to sign up and if the is any hidden costs.

so i promise ill back with the lowdown on some loyality cards before the week is out!

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