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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

tom, tom, tom, tom, tom, tommy, tom, tom..........tomm

After 6years together, I'm still crazy about him! And if your wondering about the title, you know the tv show 2 and 1/2 men? 

Well one day he changed it to mel, mel, mel, mel, mel, melly, mel, mel.................Mel, and its stuck ever since, his changed a lot more song s to randomly adding my name to it but that, I think will always be the famous one, I even have friends greet me with mel, mel, mel,.., namely Podge, Tom Tom, Ian, Tony and sometime even Karen!

Think this is the 1st pic of us as a couple!

So it all began when I was in Kildalton College, studying equine and one of his best friends johnny was studying farming. tommy and peter came up one night to visit johnny and we all went down to the local as you do. I remember getting into the back seat of his cilo, my friend also had the hots for him so i let her on (ya i totally had the hots for him the second i saw him, but i wasnt long out of a relationship and I didnt think he would be interest in little old me!) so he started the car and next thing green day came blareing out of the cd player and I was def in like with him!(i was big into my music then ask anyone that knows me!)

So we got to the pub and my friend was chatting away to him, while I was just standing there trying not to drool!, 
to seem interested, so I was away in my own world, when next thing the friend is like oh mel has a tat, show him your horse(sparky)mel, on my lower back, "thats really cool" and we got to talking a bit but i was revesered because I was trying to be a good friend, even though i couldn't take my eyes off him all night.

Fast forward a while later and i was invited down to Wexford to his sisters birthday/ housewarming party. johnny brought me down after college and dropped me off at the nissan garage where Tommy was looking at buying a newer car,(Johnny had to go n work on the farm) so there i was looking at cars with him and his sister Rachael and her then bf david, and i barely know them,(ya i was just a little nervous about not f@*king up or looking like a totally idiot) I ended up staying at Rachels house that night and spent the whole saturday helping the lads get the place ready for the party, naturally I spent most of the with Tommy and we really started to click. I had a great weekend in Wexford, decided i definutally would back (little did I know I'd be living there for the next 5&1/2years!)

 About 3weeks later he took a spin up to the college to visit and we kissed! i couldn't believe it actually happened I was nearly in denial!  The next weekend I got a text off him asking if I wanted to go for a spin?  I replied sorry I'd love to put I'm not in college this weekend Im in Clare. He replied but sure I have to run up to Waterford anyway! (for those of you that don't know Ireland, its 40mins from Barntown to waterford and then another 3hours to my parents house!) We had a great weekend and my bestie Una give him the tumbs up!

About a month later he picked me up from college to come to Clare with me for the weekend and at somestage during the trip he turns to me and says " I suppose were going out now!" You cant beat the Irish charm!

So fast forward 5years and half, I got a stud placement in Redmonstown, Wexford, Tommy moved in and I made Wexford my home, when I found out I had spinal degeneration in my neck and I was advised to change jobs, buts thats another story. We talked about it and decide to give Australia a go and the rest as they say is history!

His gotten me to try new things that I wouldn't have done 6years ago like  learn to ride his motorbike or get so much better at swimming i can actually tread water now, swim out to the diving float at the beach or the enclosed area and jump off (a year ago i would have said there is no way im doing that!)and encouraged me to do what makes me happy even though I don't know that that might be! And most importantly his been there for me when I've been a bluppering mess, like the time I found out about my back!

So we have been here nearly 3months, and we are with each other 24/7, I know that might drive some people crazy, but I'm kinda surprised we haven't got bored of each other, even though we have feck all to talk about, mostly My Kitchen Rules(which we cant get enough of!  YA!), work and conversations about how bold! we are, which Crystal gets a great kick outta!

So Tommy hopefully by now you have found your present and the boycott!(had to get you something small to through you off the scent!) and I know your going to kill me for writhing this on my blog but you wouldn't let me get you a card that day we went shopping, so I went one better that my 'emotional shite' or my 'meaningful shit'on a scrap of paper and but the 'meaningful shite' on the blog!

And here's to another six years!
Love you!

Its the crazy spontaneous things like this is why i wouldn't have him any other way!

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