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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Today we poped our garage sale virginity!! we werent out to find anything special, more to see what it was all the fuss was about. We went to 4 different sales and I came away with 20 plastic plant pots, a Donna Hay cookbook and a bread maker!

this was the 1st bargain I pick up only $2
 I've only had a quick flick through the book, but i love the concept of it, all the chapters are broke up into your staple flavours like vanilla, salt & pepper, lemon & lime etc. Ill post a book review on it soon!

then it was the bread maker! $15!!
When we went to the next place the man selling, had a load of household electric stuff, like blenders, slow cookers, coffee makers and he had break makers but the stuff looked a bit too old, and he wanted $30-$40 for one and I wasn't paying that for one. I always thought about getting one but said I would wait a bit longer. Well mayb 20 minutes longer:) we pulled up outside house number 3 and there was another bread maker, I was still unsur of buying it but it was a lot newer and only $20. I asked Tommy for his advice and he replied sure offer them $15, you cant really go wrong if its working. So I'll be attempting to make bread during the week.

And finally 20 plant pots for another $2!
Decided to pick these up as I got some seeds in the reject shop yesterday, I only got 1 little seedling starter tray, so I would have to get pots in a couple of weeks anyway, and the fact I got them for $0.10 each is for nuthing!

Yep i got all this for less than $20.
So I got all of the above for only $19, Result! No sewing machines though, I think I'll leave it for abit longer, maybe until I finishing fruit picking and get a job in town, so hopefully I could go to a class after work, or on my day off, as there is no classes in the evening or on weekends, and the clubs seem to meet up weekday mornings, which doesn't help either. So I dunno!

So I'll leave you with this, go check out your local garage sales, you can find listings in the local paper and in the quokka. Or just drive around and you'll see the signs out on the side of the road.

One other tip, bring loads of change, if you try to bargain down a price its better to have the money ready than say ill give you $15 for this and have a $50 in your hand. But if you have the exact money in you hand you are more likely to make a sale.

So give them a try and have fun, you never know what you might find!
And let me know how you get on!

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