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Monday, 1 April 2013

I'm back! What's been happening part 1!!

Ok so I know I haven't wrote a post in over 9months I know it's crazy and its been a crazy year. Since November alone we have moved 3 times to 3 different states!!

We went from north dandalup just down the road to pinjarra, after 3months after tommy being told his company wouldn't sponsor him, but on of his friends told him he could get a job in Qld with sponsorship doing the same job. So after thinking hard we decided to take the chance and just go for it!

And a week later after giving my notice at the bakery we were on the road, ill post more on this later, but 5days later we arrived in Dalby Qld. Tommy started work straight away and within a week I had a job as p/t assistant manager of Dough-licious pizzeria. The one problem was I was only getting 12 hours a week and it was when tommy was home from work, and a 3hour shift, and I had mixed feelings about it but they promised me that after march I would be full time and moved up to manager after another month.

And even though it was crap at the start I was glad it was going to get better and I would have a good job again with a good wage again, not that I hated the bakery, I loved it there and working with all the girls and Narda was so good to me. I had learned heaps working here and will take a lot of that to future jobs I will get.

But I was sick on being on a visa restriction were I could work for only 6months and I seemed to be getting jobs where I was on either a low wage or didn't get enough hours and even though this would be a slight step up at least I would be full time eventually!! But the pizzeria was hard at the start there wasn't enough organisation and we just didn't seem to gel right, some nights were great and then others not so. Then one night I got a call form the owners asking if I could run the place for the next 2night as the other manager was sick, and it was horrible, I hadn't made dough since I had stared and I didn't leave it out long enough to rise. Later on that night both I came back from doing delivery after delivery to discover the new dough was making bubbles every where and the kids were remaking loads of pizzas, I just wanted the ground to eat me up, at least we were up at the til on the end of the night.

And then the next day I was in close with my house mate and I got a call, it was tommys mam and I knew something was wrong straight away as it was the middle of the night in Ireland. Tommys grandad was after dying and I could hear the hurt in her voice, but he had a good life and he was nearly 96. When I got off the phone I had to ring tommy and break the news to him and the surprising thing was he took it better than I did! That night was horrible in work again but enough of that!

When I got home that night to talk to tommy we spent nearly 3 hours talking about what to do and if we should go home for the burial or not, and end the end we decided to go as we both weren't happy and we should go and support his family while we could both take the time off under the circumstances it would be better to go home now than if we changed jobs we would be able to get time off later in the year when we were looking at going.

But it's getting close to my bed time so ill wright part 2 tomorrow:)
Night everyone!

Tommy loading up the trailer!

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