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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

How to get the most out of your local Spotlight.

So I when into Spotlight yesterday for a browse and also because I have a voucher that needed to be used up by tuesday. And this it what I walked out with:

I got the Gutermann thread for $2.68 each so 4x 2.68 is $10.72.

And this dress pattern which was $21 for only $0.49. Yep only $.049.

So a total of $11.20 and not $31.72 which I would have paid of I didn't have that voucher or the VIP card.

So to show you how I saved this much, I was wondering around the store not really sure of what I would be spending my money on.

I seen that some of the patterns were half price for card members, and that makes the one I picked up $10.49, next I decided to pick up some thread as you seen above.

When I got to the counter I made sure to have my voucher and cards at the ready and that's how you do it!!

So some tips!

Make sure you always have your spotlight VIP member card. They have lots of specials just for members.

Always pick up their magazine, the is always some sort of voucher in it. It used to come out seasonally but it looks like they have started bringing it out monthly and it's only $.99.

Try to bring in a bag with you or do with out, as they have another card with 20% 1 fully priced item off after 5 shops. You can pick this up at the counter.

And finally become a member of their Facebook page, they are always holding competitions for gift cards, and you'll always know of anything happening in store!

I hope this helps someone!!

P.s I just applied for a job in my local shop, hopefully I'll hear back from them soon:)

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