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Friday, 8 June 2012

My soon to be sewing machine:-)

Sew when I was at the quilt show the other week, I looked at the sewing machines and left there even more confused! I had kinda had decided between either Janome or Viking. after a couple of sales people at the show I had kinda decided to get a more basic machine and in a couple of years upgrading to a better machine with the same company so that all the feet would be compatible. I really liked the Viking Sapphire range especially the high end version and the Janome Horizon, I no I no I'm only a beginner, but you always want the best don't you!

Sew a couple of days later I while sitting around at home I decided to call into the local Janome dealer, while they still had the sale on and after a long talk with the woman in the shop I decided to put a deposit on the mc4900, which I love, I used to used Anne-Marie's one when I took her class last year, and will do every thing I need at the moment and its mid range so I wont need to upgrade for a long long time! And it come with all the feet so after I buy it I don't need to spend and extra $150 on feet, which i would if I had bought the one for $500.

I cant wait to pay it off and bring it home! The best thing was I saved $300 because it was on sale and I'm getting a free fabric scissors worth $40 which will come in handy because I want to try making my own clothes. Which I don't have a clue, but I'm sick of going into shop and finding the clothes don't fit in the right places, right?

Sew you guys can expect a lot more sewing going on around here soon!

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