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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Organising all your loyalty cards.

I was in Kmart the other day getting a few things and I came across a leather business card holder, so I picked it up for either $6 or $8 bucks, can't remember which!!

And I have to say its perfect, I have the cards grouped by, shopping, restaurants, craft, clothes etc.

It make finding them a breeze, and not spending 5mins at a checkout going "I know it's in here somewhere" while rummaging through your purse like a crazy person!!

In other news I'm trying to sit down for a couple of hours durning the week to get some posts wrote, to try and keep the blog updated a lot more. Hopes I can keep finding something interesting to write about, and know to bore you all to tears, I think it will get better when I have my machine paid off as I can show you what I'm working on and my adventures in learning to garment sew!

Any ideas are greatly welcomed! Or if there is any thing you want to ask me just let me know:)


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